The IRmage device is a powerful USB thermal imaging camera giving you the option to record or real-time transmit raw thermal video stream to a computer.


The IRmage device brings to the market an affordable Long Wavelength Infra-Red (LWIR) camera. IRmage 1.0 provides a solution for those needing either offline or real-time raw thermal data. Storing the radiometric data via its integrated microSD card, the captured thermal data is made available for offline post-processing. Connecting the device via USB2.0, the real-time radiometric data can be stored, processed and visualised on the host device.

The camera’s design and size makes it ideal for both ground and aerial applications, opening up the possibilities to a myriad of use cases. To name a few:

  • Scientific research
  • Industrial inspection
  • Surveillance
  • UAVs
  • Autonomous applications

With versatility in mind, the casing of the IRmage 1.0 has been designed such that the device can be plugged in any tripod and off-the-shelf gimbal.


Our dedicated drivers allows to everyone to connect IRmage in any computer for real-time processing or analysing thermal data stored in an SD card.


Package Contents Thermal Sensor

Recording Media

Digital Video Output




Development Package

LWIR Infrared thermal camera

SD card socket

USB 2.0 interface (mini USB)


Fits on most popular off-the-shelf gimbals


IRmage Library API


Thermal Sensor Spectral Range

Field Of View

FPA Resolution

Pixel depth

Thermal Sensitivity

Radiometric Accuracy

Frame rate

Longwave infrared 8 μm to 14 μm thermal sensor

50° HFOV, 60° diagonal

160 x 120



High gain: ±5C @ 25°C, Low gain: ±10C @ 25°C



Software  Thermos Version 1.2


Platforms OS Windows



Applications Fields Scientific research

Industrial inspection


Autonomous applications



  • IRmage API Guide

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