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IRmage is our first product delivering an unmatched thermal imaging package.

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Thermos is a software for processing thermal raw data for scientific and research applications. It is also enabled to control the IRmage device.

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As a company we provide first class services along with the right support for you to go from concept to global domination.

Have you got a product or service in mind for which you want a professional, innovative solution? Send us an email with any requirements and the team will get back to you with some possible solutions.


IRmage designs and develops vision systems by exploiting visible and infrared spectra

Operating since 2015 we are located in the city of Oxford occupying a small team of well-experienced engineers who assure that all of our customers will have competent consultancy, product design and support.

Our aim is to bring cost affordable and robust products for remote sensing. We are able to offer solutions for medical, electrical, scientific, agriculture, surveillance, autonomous vehicles and industrial inspections.

Our plug and play, small, lightweight and reliable products provide you an easy way to bring a powerful remote sensing product in your lab, business or hobby.

By combining our innovative thinking with our expertise in image analysis and computer vision algorithms IRmage can tailor its products to meet any customer requirements.


Meet the brains behind IRmage


Software developer
From an Electrical and Electronic Engineering background, Andrew spent 14 years in the automotive diagnostics industry helping build one of the world’s best aftermarket tool. He is now focused on providing technical and commercial expertise in bringing IRmage to production.


Biomedical – Software Engineer
Biomedical engineer with a particular interest in software development and software testing. In my spare time, I run and play with IoT.

Spyros P

Software Developer
Armed with a BSc in Electronics Engineering and MSc in Advanced Computer Science Spyridon has worked in both research and commercial fields. His duties have included design and implementation of sensor interfaces, automotive firmware, software and hardware.